Clinic Visits

Guidelines for In-Person Visits

Attention patients and visitors:

In order to keep you safe and our staff safe we have made the following changes to in-person visits based on recommendations by Public Health.

The majority of our appointments will remain virtual (phone or OTN) to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19.

  • If an in-person visit is necessary, you will be screened for any symptoms of COVID-19 before
  • Entering the building. If you have any symptoms, or are concerned that you may have COVID-
    19, please contact the assessment center 705-671-7373
  • In person visits will be only be available at set times to allow us to comply with social distancing
    protocols and proper disinfecting.
  • Please arrive at your appointment time and wait to be screened by a staff member.
  • When attending in-person visits we ask that you please wear a mask. If you have one please bring it with you– we only have a limited supply.
  • We ask that you attend your appointment alone, unless you require a support person. If your child is booked, we ask that only one parent attend.

Thank you for your understanding and assistance with keeping our community healthy and safe

We're (Still) Here to Help You Stay Healthy.

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