A team based approach

The Capreol Nurse Practitioner-Led Clinic utilizes a team based approach.

Inter-professional teams provide care to patients. Core primary health care services are provided by a nurse practitioner. In addition to nurse practitioners, other professionals on the team may include physicians, registered nurses, social workers, dieticians, mental health workers or others. Depending on individual needs, patients have access to care from any member of the team. The design of our team is based on community and patient requirements. Referrals to medical specialists are sought as needed.

Our Team

Amanda Rainville (She/Her) – Nurse Practitioner, Executive Director
Anthony Galic (He/Him) – Nurse Practitioner
Carly Mauro (She/Her) – Nurse Practitioner
Grant Lemon (He/Him) – Nurse Practitioner
Lisa Parise (She/Her) – Nurse Practitioner
Carolyn Strum (She/Her) – Registered Nurse
Genevieve Bruyere (She/Her) – Registered Practical Nurse
Melanie Oldfield (She/Her) – Registered Practical Nurse

Terrie-Lynn Veitch (She/Her) – Registered Social Worker
Registered Dietitian
Mike Vidal (He/Him) – Administrative Lead
Angele Girouard (She/Her) – Administrative Assistant
Melanie Lavoie (She/Her) – Medical Secretary

Board of Directors

Kim Demers – Director, Chair
Claude LeBlanc – Director, Vice-Chair
Laura Clarke – Director, Secretary
Sherry Giroux – Director
Erika Gollan – Director
Amber Patchett – Director
Sara Rainsberry – Director

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