Patient Advisory Council
Feedback Survey

The Patient Advisory Council’s role is to provide clinic staff with feedback regarding community needs for programs and services, and to strengthen communications between the clinic and the community.

To assist us in meeting our goals, we encourage you to complete the following survey. It is completely anonymous unless you choose to put your name and contact information on it.

Your survey will be forwarded to the Council where we will study the information provided and make recommendations to the CNPLC Executive Director for consideration.

Thank You for your participation!

The following is a list of services and programs provided at CNPLC, all of which are either free of charge or covered by OHIP (two exceptions are indicated with $ after the service). You can help us by indicating with a check mark which services/programs you were aware of, and which services/programs you have used at CNPLC.

Outreach clinic for persons living with diabetes
Immunizations clinic (vaccination against common infectious diseases)
Fall flu immunization clinic
Smoking cessation
Counselling with social worker
Dietitian appointments
Well baby/Prenatal care
Monitoring and management of chronic diseases such as
high blood pressure
heart disease
Stand Up Fitness Program
Moving for Mood Program
Chronic pain workshop
Diabetes Management workshop
Nutrition info sessions (Dietitian Services)
Advance Foot Care
Soup to Tomatoes Fitness Program
Home visits
Same day appointments for illnesses
Dressing changes
IUD insertions
Cortisone injections
Minor procedures (toe nail removal, lesion removal)
Cosmetic lesion removal $
Wart treatments $
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